Mexico City mayor ridiculed over plan to fight sex crimes with plastic whistles

The Guardian, 27 de mayo de 2016.

Many social media posts were accompanied by the hashtag #ElPitoDeMancera – which translates literally as “Macera’s whistle” but could also be a read as a reference to the mayor’s anatomy.

Writing for the website Sin Embargo, columnist Catalina Ruiz Navarro said: “Mancera’s whistles … put the job of prevention on the victim.”

“Women without a whistle – real or metaphoric – would ‘expose themselves’ and if they’re assaulted and no one does anything, it would be their fault for not whistling,” she wrote.

Others criticised the whistle idea as improvised, short-sighted and again sending the message that women should watch how they act and dress and prepare for possible assaults – while asking nothing of men.